Stranger Than Fiction Film Festival, this weekend at IFI

OneMileAwayStranger than Fiction, a documentary film festival is taking place this weekend at the IFI in Dublin, everything kicked off last night. The festival is back after a one year lay off and it’s bigger than ever before.

Documentary filmmaking has really taken off in mainstream cinema since 2000 and at Stranger Than Fiction you have a chance to catch some of the best around, including Anton Corbijn: Inside Out on Saturday evening.

Tonight you can treat yourself to ‘One Mile Away’, Penny Woodlock’s look at gangs in Birmingham. It’s an interesting tale especially when she took a fictional look at this in 1 Day in 2009 and it features interviews with gang members alongside their rap performances. You can see a trailer on the official site.

As an extra special treat, Simeoin, one of the characters in the documentary will be attending the screening and treating the audience to some of his rap!

That’s just two things to look out for but you know it’s going to be good when Ross Whittaker who directed Saviours,is Festival Director.If you haven’t seen it Saviours followed St Saviours Boxing Club and gave us a look at the life of three boxers, one of whom was the late Darren Sutherland.

All in all – this is a great way to spend the weekend!

Other info you need:
Tickets: €9. Please call IFI Box Office on 01 679 3477 or visit to book. (#IFIstf)