So I Took a Few Days Off Last Week…

Beefeaters at Buckingham PalaceFor the first time in ages, I managed to get a few days off with a valid passport, no ash cloud, I headed to London.

Nothing too much was planned, took a trip to the BBC Television Centre, spent a few hours in the Tate Modern and chilled by the Lock in Camden.

On Friday night, I decided to go to Green Park and maybe take a few photos of Buckingham Palace in the dark, which I’ve never done. As I go to the bottom of Constitution Hill, it started to rain. Outside the Palace, the Beefeaters with their furry hats hurried into their little huts and looked like collectible figurines, still in their packets. 

There was a lot of comings and goings at the Palace, I had a near miss with a car full of flowers being driven in. While a member of the Royal family, looked like Charles, was driven in a car, jumped out and got into a jeep and stayed there chatting with some other people. Turns out it was the day before the Queen’s birthday.

The rain started getting worse so I made my way back up Constitution Hill, taking photographs as I walked. This is my favourite. I call it Queenie’s Reign.

Queenie's Reign

Oh, while I was wandering along the South Bank on Thursday morning I stumbled across a TV crew who were doing some live TV for ITV’s This Morning. Here’s a photo of Philip Schofield and Jenni Falconer hard at work.

philip schofield and jenni falconer