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Irish Indie Film Trampoline on Amazon Prime

Trampoline - film poster - nessymonTrampoline is an Irish made indie film, currently streaming on Amazon Prime. Written and directed by Tom Ryan, it tells the story of Angie Corbett, who returns to Nenagh, Co. Tipperary, after a stint in London.

Why Trampoline? I guess it’s because Angie is bouncing around not knowing where her life is going. All her mates have left, her parents have divorced and there’s a lot of changes happening. She takes a job as an English sub teacher and she’s a little bit shite at the job.

There are some things I could poke at regarding the production but here’s the amazing thing about Trampoline. It was made for €1000. Yes, one thousand euro. Between first time director Tom Ryan and Producer Claire Gormley, they managed to wrangle local businesses in Nenagh into sponsoring the film. In return for a mention in the credits, they get the exterior of their business featured in the film. Stroke of genius.

Now, the pair have it streaming on Amazon Prime. Indie filmmakers across the land, what are you waiting for? The world is your oyster and there are new platforms to exploit and increase your audience. Whatever about the story and the production, this is the inspirational ending from Trampoline.

Since the making of Trampoline, Ryan has gone on to make Twice Shy, the story of an unplanned pregnancy, and has recently won Best Young Director at the Irish Film Festival Australia.

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Check out the trailer for Trampoline.