Craig Doyle

Craig Doyle

Broadcast on RTÉ One on January 1st 2010, Ireland’s Biggest Hits gives a rundown of what we Googled most in 2009.

Presented by Craig Doyle, this could have been a bit of a bore, viewable by only the nerdy, geeky people (like myself) but instead Coco Television have produced an interesting, entertaining programme.

Searches looked at included the deaths of Michael Jackson, Stephen Gately and Jade Goody. Political and current affairs searches included Cowengate and John O’Donoghue’s expenditure.

What sets this show apart though, it wasn’t just another run down from 20 to 1. The items are grouped together nicely so we’re not jumping from entertainment to sport to politics and back again. The whole thing is put together in a seamless package.

Add to that, contributions from some of Ireland’s most influential internet people like, Damien Mulley, Rick O’Shea and Mark Little and you’re in for an enjoyable watching experience.

Coco Television’s Website

If you’re in Ireland you can see the programme on RTE’s iplayer until January 22nd 2010.

Photo of Craig from Here