I Am Not Lefthanded: Time To Leave Review

I am Not Lefthanded - Time To Leave‘Time to Leave’ is the second EP from London based, two third Irish one third UK act, I am not Lefthanded.

Understated, delicate vocals harmonies from the Irish two thirds add to the honesty of their lyrics. The folk indie trio start the EP with ‘Boats (Swept Away)’, a track that combines these with beautifully arranged bass, drums and guitar, each instrument having room to breathe.

The piano led “Lifelines’ just seems so simple to these guys. Add what I think is a subtle cello to the mix and it’s perfect.

I Am Not Lefthanded have a definite sound, they know what they want to sound like and each track including ‘The Place Wont Take Me Back’, have elements that combine to give them their ‘sound’ while still allowing each song to have its own life.

Love these guys

6 out of 6


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