G.D.C: Off My Chest Review

GDC from Facebook promoOccasionally something comes along and completely throws you. This isn’t what i thought it was going to be at all. Off My Chest is the first release from G.D.C. (Grá Don Cheol), the brainchild of Cillian Foster.

I was expecting something in the signer songwriter vein so this threw me a little, instead I got an uptempo indie rock track. The song opens with a big drum sound before heading slightly into Britpop territory. There are echos of the Gallagher Brothers and Christy Dignam, especially in the vocal style but Foster has enough originality to make this sound his own.

The track shows Foster has good perception of song structure and flow and the production cleverly plays lyric lines between his main vocals and slightly effected. Nicely done, not too over powering. A break of ‘Let me move on’ shows vocal harmonies balanced for a huge sound. Is that a thermin in the middle of everything?

Damn fine start for a first track.. I’m genuinely looking forward to the album.

Here’s a link to a low quality version: