Duranies get ready!

duran-duran-all-you-need-is-nowToday sees the Irish release of Duran Duran‘s, Mark Ronson produced, ‘All You Need is Now’. They’ve also announced an Irish date as part of their European Tour. The Birmingham natives will play the 02 on July 14th, Tickets are on sale on March 25th.

Since Andy Taylor left the band again in 2006, they original four have been joined by Dom Brown on guitar duties.

If you can’t wait til then DD will be kicking off the second year of ‘Unstaged: An Original Series from American Express’ in Los Angeles on March 23rd. So? I hear you say, well, you see you can watch the event live.. The event will be streamed live-streamed at 10:00PM ET / 7:00PM PT or 02:00 GMT on the morning of March 24th at www.YouTube.com/DuranDuranVEVO What’s cooler Filmmaker extraordinaire David Lynch (yes him of Twin Peaks and Mullholland Drive) will direct! Not to be missed.

The trailer looks like Mr Lynch is on form .. check it out..

A review of All You Need is Now will be online over the weekend.