Culture Night: Croke Park

croke park 1

We organised to do two things on Culture Night in Dublin (September 25th). First off was a floodlit tour of Croke Park.

I’ve been to Croke Park more times than I care to even try to count and I’ve gone on one of their tours before but, apart from being at a concert had never seen the place at night.

We arrived at the GAA museum at 7.05, we were given little stickers and told were were on the 7.15 red tour. The museum was full of people but the staff were coping well and were being very courteous to everyone.


It wasn’t a full tour but I didn’t mind, my companion hadn’t been there before and doesnt really have an interest in sport at all but still seemed to be having a good time. I have to say, me still being on crutches, it was a bloody good workout!

We went through the service tunnels and into the players lounge. We then went into Dressing Room number one, which in the upcoming weeks, soccer World Champs, Italy and Rugby World Champs, South Africa will use. Our tour Guide did a great job and was very informative.

croke park 5

We got pitchside and were brought to different areas of the ground. Really enjoyable and the stadium looks amazing at night. The City views from the top tier were something I would have loved to have a bit more time for.

For Culture Night there was no admission charge: this was great, the staff were great and everyone got a free annual and poster as they were leaving, which was a really nice touch, especially when it was a free event.

Seemingly the full tour goes on a little bit longer than last night.

croke park 6

The tour group was diverse and had people from Italy, the US and Canada and even Cork! (drowing their sorrows after their All Ireland defeat) and everyone was really nice. Complete strangers helping others with kids and buggys – it all went into creating a really nice atmosphere.

Good job Museum staff!

Well done GAA!

I’d go again!