Culture Cafe Playlist and Podcast Show 26: 18/1/2011

Culture Cafe 26Week 26! Really enjoyed the show, hope you did too! Had lots of fun with Cathy Davey and with Jon Cohen.

1. DJ FLip & Freezemaster Slick: Crossroads

2. Various Cruelties: The Great Unknown

3. Michael Kiwanuka: Home Again

4. Chat with Cathy Davey (part 1)

5. Cathy Davey: Reuben

6. Chat with Cathy Davey (Part 2)

7. Cathy Davey: Bad Weather

8. Our Krypton Son: Catalonian Love Song

9. Chat with Jon Cohen from Jon Cohen Experimental (Part 1)

10. Jon Cohen Experimental: Hold The Fire

11. Chat with Jon Cohen (Part 2)

12. Jon Cohen Experimental : Stroke (Of The Night)

Thanks for listening, til next Wednesday at 1000 or the repeat on Sunday night at 2100.. Nessy out! (That really is such a cliché)