Culture Cafe on RTE 2XM: Show 97 29/05/2013

JakeBugg_BannerFirstly apologies for the delay in getting this week’s podcast up, I had a bit of trouble with my audio software… Everything was playing backwards.. all sorted now.

If this show was a jam jar, you’d be making sure it was shut tight so everything would stay in, it was that packed! Thanks to this week’s guests Phil from Alias Empire, Jake Bugg and thanks to Gavin Mulhall for popping in for a song and a chat.

1. Crossroads: DJ Flip & Freezemaster Slick
2. Harts: The Music
3. Chat with Phil from Alias Empire
4. Alias Empire: Black & White
5. Chat with Jake Bugg including
6. Jake Bugg: Lightning Bolt
7. Jake Bugg: Two Fingers
8. Jake Bugg: Country Song
9. Jake Bugg: Seen It All
10. Chat with Gavin Mulhall
11. Gavin Mulhall: (live)
12. Gavin Mulhall: Guilded Cage

You can listen to Pedal Point which Gavin Mulhall performed on the show on Soundcloud or in the widget below.

Thanks to all my guests and thanks to you for listening. Don’t forget you can listen to the full show again on the RTE Player. The show is broadcast every Wednesday at 1400 GMT and is repeated every Sunday at 2100 GMT. You can also subscribe to the Culture Cafe podcast on iTunes.