Culture Cafe on 2XM – Interview with Nick from WALK THE MOON


WALK THE MOON_bannerSo this week’s show literally was stuffed to the gills with great chats with Nick from WALK THE MOON and Ethan Johns, both acts coincidentally play in Dublin on February 22nd. WALK THE MOON play in The Academy while Ethan Johns plays in The Sugar Club. It was the kind of show that really makes me wish I had more than one hour a week on 2XM.

So because altogether there’s nearly 45 minutes of chat, I thought it would be easier for you, dear listener/reader if I made two podcasts, one with Ethan Johns and one with Nick Petricca from WALK THE MOON. So here’s the one with Nick, you can find my chat with Ethan Johns here.

I was asked to remove the other podcast by artist management so this is the only available podcast this week. It features Nick Petricca from WALK THE MOON, whom I managed to track down while on tour in Pittsburg.

Playlist: 13/02/2013
1. DJ FLip & Freezemaster Slick: Crossroads
2. Walk The Moon: Jenny
3. Chat with Nick Petricca, Walk The Moon including:
4. Walk The Moon: Tightrope
5. Walk The Moon: Anna Sun
6. Chat with Ethan Johns including:
7. Ethan Johns: Don’t Reach Too Far
8. Ethan Johns: Eden
9. Ethan Johns: Whip Poor Will

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