culturecafeSo I was let loose on the national airwaves again 🙂 Enjoyed getting the show together, met some really good people. Thanks for listening!

1. Dj Flip & Freezemaster Slick: Crossroads

2. Wonder Villains: Ferrari

3. Chat with Lisa McNamee. Producer with Planet Korda Pictures about the new documentary ‘See You At The Pictures

4. Various Cruelties: Great Unknown

5. The Milk: B-Roads (Byron Bootleg) Recommended Free Legal Download available from Soundcloud

6. Chat with Cathy O’Kennedy, creator of Weight, running in the Axis Theatre in Ballymun

7. Paul Weller: That Dangerous Age

8. Chat with musician Luke Slott

9. Luke Slott: Strange Miracles

10. Blades: Downmarket

11. Chat with Elvera Butler of Reekus Records who are celebrating 30years

12. Sweet Jane: Close Your Eyes

13. Chat with Elvera Butler (Part 2)

14. Saccade: Lempkin