Christophe Willem: Si Mes Larmes Tombent Remix Contest

christophewillemremixRemixers, DJs, here’s something for you to do for the weekend! French singer, Christophe Willem, is running a remix contest on his website. Yes, it’s in French but basically it says that ‘You may be lucky enough to see your remix chosen to appear on a new digital EP of remixes’. You can get all the instrumentation and vocal tracks by downloading the button that says ‘Télécharger’ and when you’re done upload it to Christophe’s Soundcloud Dropbox, he also mentions not to forget to send an email address, so they can contact the winner.

If remixing is your thing, this is a great opportunity to open yourself up to French and mainland European markets. He’s also worked with Kylie Minogue and Guy Chambers, who co-wrote many of Robbie William’s. I love Christophe’s quirky strange voice. The remix contest ends on April 22nd.