Cheap Freaks: Teenage Brains Review

Cheap Freaks Teenage Brains EPIf Liam Gallagher’s band Beady Eye ask you to open for them you must be doing something right. Cheap Freaks are a garage punk band based in Dublin and in their short existence have opened for Buzzcocks and Black Angels.

Like all good garage punk, it’s dirty, brash and best played loud. The EP opens with ‘Can’t Fool Me’, upbeat, distorted guitar and vocals dropped against a background of perfect drums and subtle bass. There’s a fantastic rawness to the EP with late 60’s throw backs.

The urgency in the music is breathtaking and continues with ‘It’s a Crying Shame’. ‘Sleep With You’ is a catchy, dare I say, melodic track, with a killer guitar line and keys I wasn’t expecting. The EP ends with ‘I’m Coming Home’, a driving rock song with a hat tip to Them.

Cheap Freaks are like a bringing a bad boy home to meet your Mum. Loud, brash, in your face, she won’t like them, you’ll fall head over heels.

Cheap Freaks – Can’t Fool Me by cheapfreaks