100 Days to Change // Day 1


January 1 2016 – Happy New Year!

The day didn’t get off to the best start to be honest. I’ve had a horrible cold for a few days, which seemed to keep me awake for ages, meaning I slept ’til lunchtime. It also rained all day which is never great to give you the get up and go that I had hoped for. Couple this with an annoying cough and you get the drift.

So as it was going to be an indoor, take it easy day, I decided to do a social media cull. So in what way is this making life better I hear you ask?.

Well, I use Facebook, primarily to keep up with family and friends and for my radio show, so I left that alone. Personally, I prefer Instagram and Twitter but it’s easy to add random people to who you follow.

It took a couple of hours, while sitting on the couch, but using Crowdfire app, I went through who I was following that I didn’t really need to be, and had no interaction with and unfollowed. With a couple of hundred less people followed, it’s easier to see what’s going on in your main timeline. It’s not as busy. Next job on Twitter is to add people are are not already in lists into appropriate lists so it’s easier to follow, social media tips, music, radio etc.

A lot of people seem to think that the way to reorganise themselves on social media is to step away completely for a while. For me, using it for work and for my radio show, as well as keeping up to date with the Irish Crew, that’s not an option. So what I wanted to do was to get rid of a lot of noise and already I can see the difference.

Quiche – Tastes better than it looks!
My timeline isn’t as mental, friends on Twitter don’t get caught up in all the spam.. I’m happy so far!

Oh, I also made a absolutely yummy quiche for the first time in my life.. doesn’t look too pretty but tastes yummy! Hurrah for achievement number 1 of the year!

So that’s Day 1 down, yes, I eased my way into it. Here’s to the next 99 Days of Change.

Happy New Year, here’s to a happy, healthy, productive 2016.