RunawayGO’s Fiona O’Kane soundtracks new Durex ‘Earth Hour’ advert

nessy March 20, 2014 Music


It’s no secret that RunawayGO are one of my favourite Irish bands, now lead singer Fiona O’Kane has taken a giant leap in becoming the voice equivalent of a household name. O’Kane is featured singing a cover of The Four Tops’ ‘I can’t help myself’ on the Durex advert to #TurnOffTurnOn during Earth Hour on Saturday March 29 between 830pm and 930 pm.

The soundtrack features O’Kane singing in what seems like a more delicate fashion than when surrounded by a full band accompaniment. With a new album due for release this year, it can do the band’s cause no harm at all.

Here’s the ad:

Here’s RunawayGo:

[Edit 31/3 Fiona posted a video for the track online today, here it is]