So the new online home of one of Ireland’s most if not the most prolific songwriters has gone online..

It’s a beta version really at the moment and more changes and little bits and pieces will be added to it over the coming weeks.

If there’s anything you think should be there and isn’t please let me know.


JimmyMacCarthy.net Screenshot

JimmyMacCarthy.net Screenshot

…nessy out!



  • Shane

    Jimmys great song the Contender,
    Phil Coulters song Remember me,is a copy of this song.

  • Sylvie

    Hello Nessie,

    I thought you’d like to know that I started the fan club on Myspace.
    This is the link to it :
    I hope to better it and maybe open a completely different page (I asked a friend who knows better than me about websites).

    Kind regards,


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