DCUfm September 2010 Promo

Had some great fun making this with Xtranormal. Brilliant stuff.



  • nessy

    Yeah I know I could get Sophie on.. just waiting for the right time 😛

  • Ubuntu

    Sit back Nessy – eat your ice cream, watch your video again – and Just Think About it. Sophie on Larry – because of your extraordinarily exceptional video creative skills (yeah, yeah – I know that’s kinda suckin up – but hey – I’m on a Mission). Your Brain is wired for ON, your skills are Peaking, YOUYOUYOUYOUyouoyouyouyou Can do it – and THAT’S Not sucking up. Hey if you could – lend me a hand at getting the people back into that community spirit on the forum. You CAN get Sophie on DCUfm – that I know for sure, and we’d all watch it!!! I know she would appreciate your help in getting her on LKL – just sayin – LOL. She fcuking KNOWS what you’re capable of. Either way – Bitchin Awesome job on the video – keep it up!!! Peace

  • nessy

    haha! I love faith in me! Wish I had it! For anyone reading, the Sophie we speak of is Sophie B Hawkins. Yes Larry King should interview her!

    Sophie is more than welcome anytime on DCUfm too!

  • Ubuntu

    Excellent Video Nessy!!!! How odd that it’s Larry King when an hour ago I posted a request on Sophie’s site asking people to e-mail or tweet CNN Larry King Live to get Sophie on the show before December. We all know Sophie is a great interview and she would rock on Larry King. That Brooklyn boy is missing it if he doesn’t interview that Manhattan girl before he leaves the show. You’ve rallied a country before – maybe you could rally your troops and have them bombard CNN. Hell this video is FCUKING AWESOME be sure to put a link to it on Sophie’s site. Hell it’s so good you could probably get Sophie on CNN with a video you make. Think about it – It’s That Good!!!

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