The London Ear on RTÉ 2XM // Show 136 // Irish Run London // Deserted Island Discs // Trevor Kaneswaran

The London Ear RTE 2XM nessymon

The London Ear on RTE 2XM nessymon

The London Ear on RTÉ 2XM // Show 136 // Nov 26 2016

  • KT Sheeran of Irish RUN London
  • Arveene Juthan tells us about Deserted Island Discs
  • Trevor Kaneswaran tells us about his new track ‘United’

KT Sheeran chats about Irish RUN London


I really like the idea of this. Lots of social events tend to be centred around the pub. Here, KT Sheeran, has come up with Irish Run London. A 5k run, or walk, around Hyde Park, a way of getting Irish people together, to have a chat a bit of banter and get a bit of fresh air too.

You don’t have to be mega fir either, as KT and her sister has devised a route for walkers also. The two groups then meet up at an end point and finish up with a new cuppa in one Hyde Park’s cafés.

Sounds great!

You can keep up with Irish RUN London on Facebook and find out more about the Christmas RUN on December 3rd here.

Arveene Juthan chats about Deserted Island Discs


Deserted Island Discs is a project that Arveen has been involved with in conjunction with Mind Yourself, who help better the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual wellbeing of the Irish community in London.

For the project, Arveene spoke to Irish men who emigrated to London and these stories are back up by the music that has influenced their lives.

All this oral history conversations along with the musical choices have been turned into a special podcast series which is being launched on December 1st. Tickets to the night are free but need to be booked through Eventbrite. I’m really looking forward to this.

Trevor Kaneswaran shares his new track ‘U.N.I.T.E.D.’


Trevor is a talented singer songwriter and has just revealed a new track ‘United’.

If you’re wondering about his name, the Kaneswaran name has been filling the Irish music scene for a number years now. Trevor’s sister, Hazel, was a member of Dove, while his brother, Siva, was a member of The Wanted.

You can find out more on Facebook, Twitter or on Trevor’s website

Trevor chats to us about his musical life in London, getting through to six chair challenge in this year’s X Factor and the advantages of not getting to the live shows and his plans for the future.

The London Ear on RTÉ 2XM // Show 136 // Nov 26 2016 // Playlist

1. The Strypes: Down at The Radiotron
2. KT Sheeran discusses Irish RUN London
3. elephants and castles: Red Lemonade
4. Arveene Juthan chats about Deserted Island Discs
5. Elvis Costello: Radio Radio
6. Trevor Kaneswaran shares about his musical life in London
7. Trevor Kaneswaran: U.N.I.T.E.D.
8. Brian Deady: Clap Both My Hands
9. De La Soul: Special (Instrumental)

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