No Decision Really

So I’ve been thinking about new computers and laptops.. I really need to get one for college.

My computers are a tad on the slow side for the visual work I need them to do. Last night I decided I would open up Macromedia Director and make a very short promo for a band I took a few photos of.

The laptop died! It just couldn’t handle the jpgs I was using. I used 60 something in about 16 seconds of visuals. I was also trying to add some 3d effects on some text, which the laptop didn’t like.

I saved everything and brought it to the desktop pc – got everything done ok. Saved it as a quicktime movie. Now I’m waiting for it to upload to YouTube.

Think I might have made ‘the stage’ a little big. 19 seconds, its 98MB and taking 3 hours to upload 🙁 Ooops!

I had been looking at a couple of different computers, the Samsung N110 a bigger HP one with more RAM. What is important for me is to have one that is fast enough to run video editing software and maybe Cubase along with the Adobe Master Collection. The second thing is to have one I can bring round with me and use. I sometimes get pains in my hands, caused maybe by a type of arthritis, so it would be great for college to have the option of taking notes on a laptop.

Looking at the options I’ve thought a 13 inch laptop is still small enough to carry around but big enough to do artwork on.

So looking at everything I’ve decided I’m definitely buying a MacBook Pro. A 13inch with 4GB of Ram is working out at €1400 (with my student reduction). The HP laptop I was looking at was €899.

No decision really.

…nessy out!