Musicians: Have You Heard About Amazing Radio?

Amazing logoI promised myself that I wouldn’t talk about my thesis on the blog, I’m doing that somewhere else. I was, however, so impressed with Amazing Radio and their attitude and how they treat musicians, that I had to post this.

Amazing Radio broadcasts on DAB in the UK and online, so what you say? How many times have we heard that new and emerging artists don’t get enough airplay? Amazing Radio plays nothing BUT new and emerging acts of all genres. Here’s the really interesting bit for musicians. All the music played on Amazing Radio is sourced from its sister site Amazing Tunes.

Musicians can upload their music and punters can buy direct from the site. Payment to musicians is made through Paypal, apart from whatever Paypal charge, the musicians get everything else.

I think this is a great opportunity for musicians to get airplay and promote their music, not only in the UK but worldwide. Amazing Radio is growing in popularity in the US and the web team have developed a time shift player which means if you’re living in LA and it’s 8am, you can listen ‘as live’ to the breakfast show, which is pretty cool. If you miss the name of a track, you can also live rewind and get it a second time round.

The station has also got involved with some studio sessions, check out Field Music below.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity, upload your music!