Free Download: ethan’s bucket – Crown Me a King

ethansbucketethan’s bucket is a Ethan Kumar, a Dublin based physics student who has been making music for a couple of years now, although it’s only now that he is stepping out the realm of bedroom musician. And I’m quite glad he has done too. Offering his latest track, ‘Crown Me a King’ as a free download, Ethan has given us an electronic dream pop delight with overdriven guitars and synth sounds to die for.

Ethan seems to be quite a prolific artist, releasing an album ‘Forest Lights’ in 2012 (also available as a Free Download) and he’s currently working towards the release of a new album ‘Walking on Water’.

You can download ‘Crown Me a King’ from Bandcamp or from the widget below.

Make sure you check out the video for Crown Me a King, a throne, a crown, a beach and some fire, what more could you want?