Download: Until The Ribbon Breaks – Wicked Games (Reimagination)

UTRBTwo years ago I spoke to Pete Lawrie, he had signed to Universal and had just released his debut album. At that time, he spoke of wanting to try making new, different music and he wasn’t even sure what name it would be released under.

Since then Pete has been working under the moniker, Until The Ribbon Breaks and has shown himself to be quite prolific. His soundcloud account, filled with his remixes is testament to that. He also has a debut album release in the not too distant future. Last month Spin named him as one of the Best New Artists for June .

So UTRB has reimagined The Weeknd‘s Wicked Games and made it available for your lovely ears to enjoy. Well what are you waiting for ? Press that button!

Mobile users// if you can’t see the Soundcloud widget, here’s a link that will bring you straight to the Soundcloud file.