Culture Cafe on RTE 2XM Show 34 Playlist and Podcast: 14/03/2012

Culture Cafe 34Thanks to all my guests and thanks to you for listening! Apologies there was some technical issues with the playout system at the start of the show which meant you didn’t get to hear runawayGo. Will play the guys again next week. You also missed about a minute of Steve Simpson’s interview. Steve is the first up in the podcast. the full show will be repeated on Sunday night at 9 and should be up on the RTE player later today. Here’s what happened:

1. DJ Flip & Freezemaster Slick: Crossroads

2. runawayGo: Electric

3. Chat with Illustator Steve Simpson about his current exhibition ‘Illustrated, as advertised’

4. Charli XCX: I’ll Never Know

5. Chat with Nathan of Sound of Guns

6. Sound of Guns: Silicon

7. Chat with Dave Byrne, Creative Manager of Fingal Film Festival

8. Ben Howard: Black Flies (Nixon Remix) Radio Edit

9. Benjamin Francis Leftwich: Ticket To Ride

10. Chat with Brian Hogan of Preachers Son

11. Preachers Son: Come On

12. Tempermental Miss Elaneyous: Dominoes