Culture Cafe: 10/11/09

Episode 10:

Things were a bit mad before seven o’clock.. I was joined by Simon Fagan for a chat and a song and our Ear to the Music Ground, Aisling before they both rushed off to a Hot Press event.

Here’s what happened:
1. Theme Tune: DJ Flip and Freezemaster Slick: Crossroads
2. The Jades: Look at me Now
3. Simon Fagan: Bring The Dance
4. Chat with Simon Fagan including live instudio acoustic Damn Honey
5. Simon Fagan: Falling Into You
6. Chat with Aisling, review of Yo La Tengo
7. Yo La Tengo: Last Days of Disco
8. Noah and the Whale: Love of an Orchestra
9. Hitman Lord: Wanna Healing Music
10. Chat with Lafterbirth
11. Yeasayer: Ampling Alp
12. Jody Had A Hitlist: You Used To Be Fun
13. Vampire Weekend: Horchata
14. Red Light Company: Scheme Eugene
15. Cowboy X: Squirrel Chase Ball
16. Ou Est La Swimming Pool: Dance the Way I Feel
17. J. Cole: Grown Simba
18. Speech Debelle: The Key
19. Neon Stars: Never Seen It Coming
20. Identity Parade: Colette Collar
21. Robbie Williams: You Know Me
22. Out!!

Only one show this week. Back with two next week. Tuesday and Thursday 1830-2000 GMT

..Nessy out!