100 Days to Change // Day 32 – 59

100 Days to Change // Day 32 - 59 // Feb 1 - 27 2016 I kinda realised somewhere along the way that if I was actually trying to do stuff properly that I probably wouldn't be able to keep updating this every d... Read More...
Speaking Irish at work

Speaking Irish at Work – in London

I kinda hated Irish in school, I mean, who the hell didn't? It was only going to be of any use to anyone if you were going to end up being a teacher or work in a government office or county council. A fe... Read More...

100 Days to Change // Days 18 – 31

It can be hard to keep this updated all the time, especially if you're actually trying to do stuff every day. Here's a recap: I went to the first module of the Music Managers Forum Music Publishing night... Read More...