All Irish Radio: Send Me Your Music!

nessy January 7, 2011 Radio and Podcasts

all irish radioI’m back doing a weekly 2 hour radio show on All Irish Radio, focusing on new and contemporary Irish music.

What’s cool about it? All Irish Radio is listened to by people from all around the world. I’ve had reactions from Australia, Asia, Canada. the US and because the station is streamed through iTunes it opens up the listenership significantly.

So if your Irish and would like me to consider your music for inclusion, get in touch!

I also want to come up with a name for the show.. any ideas?



  • Amanda-breslin

  • colin

    check out – paddys day song by colin boyce on you tube.your listeners around the world may enjot it .

  • nessy

    Maybe Rock n Ceol.. flows easier?

  • Johnny/Ness: How about Nessy’s Rock agus Ceol?

  • how about “nessy’s rock agus roll” for a show title, or “2 hours of johnny johnson’s tunes” and just play my album repeatedly on every show, just an idea.
    I put 2 tracks in the email.

    thanks for the chance to get some songs out there.

    johnny j

  • nessy

    hmmm.. ye see thats the line I use to intro myself…

  • Nessy On the Radio sounds catchy to me 😀

  • nessy


  • Thanks for the op. You have a track in the mail.