Yngve and The Innocent: Draw A Line Review

DRAW A LINE - YNGVE & THE INNOCENTSometimes there are musicians who’s artwork comes to mind straight away. Yngve & The Innocent are one. Their covers are artworks in themselves. Draw A Line is their current single and has a half man/half cockerel (or maybe hen) on the cover.

The London based band have a fine knack for writing interesting folk rock songs. Draw a Line is a fantastic midtempo summer song with a lovely piano line and a beautiful lazy guitar riff.

It’s lovely to hear all the instruments, not processed, not effected, just in their organic state. It’s refreshing to hear non musical noises from the instruments. Imagine: Summer’s Day, band playing, using the bar Joanna, doors open, sitting, enjoying the sun. Perfection.

Changing Tracks, incorporates piano and a beautiful jewellery box sound, which I imagine is a glockenspiel. This is more downbeat and darker that it’s predecessor. At 7 minutes and 10 seconds it is a bit lengthy but there’s enough variation in what’s going on to the listener interested for the duration.