Wonder Villains: Zola Review

Wonder VIllainsJust as the evenings are getting longer and darker, Wonder Villians have come along and brightened up our stereos. The Derry based band are an aural pleasure and Zola is a delightful introduction to the band.

In the past, footballers and music haven’t really mixed very well, (I’m thinking Hoddle and Waddle here), but this track about the Italian maestro is nothing short of brilliant. Upbeat, melodioc, great groove and a real cute ‘Zola’ refrain. It’s a bit staggering when you realize that Wonder Villains are all just out of school. Two minutes and forty seven seconds of bliss.

’33’ continues the upbeat theme and immediately to want to bop along. The band have beautiful rises and falls within the track and live this should lead to a pretty good show. ‘Running in Circles’ is still officially a demo but I just love this track, nice distorted guitars and really nice pounding bass sound.

Great debut and even better for a band so young. Catch them supporting General Fiasco at Academy 2 Dublin on October 22nd.