Wishbone: Butterfly Review


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Butterfly is the debut album from Wishbone, a Dublin based rock act who are together since 2008. The band blend classic rock sounds with some grunge-ier elements.

The album kicks off with ‘Waste’ an uptempo number, it’s good clean recording but it would help if the vocals were higher in the mix. Drop/Open tuning feature in ‘Tumbleweed’. A track that I think needs a little more direction instead of meandering along.

Nineties grunge is quite apparent in ‘Blindman’, three tracks in and I think maybe a slight change in distorted guitar sound is needed. The band know how to work their vocal harmonies, as on ‘When Reality Becomes a Dream’, it maybe something they need to bring to the fore of their music a little more.

The band have self produced their debut, perhaps an external producer would have added an extra sparkle. Putting an album out with the band is less than a year together is a bit of a gamble, although two have of the band have previously played together in other bands, it doesn’t really give time to build a following.

The second half of the album pretty much follows as the first half did. The band are no doubt good musicians, I think the help of an outside producer on this album would have given the band an extra hand up the ladder.



4 out of 6