Why is Morse Code Dead?


As a complete techie/gadget freek, the recent snow and closure of the city of Dublin got me thinking… if snow can cause this much hassle for everyone, what would happen if the electricity and communications grid was shut down.

It would probably be somewhere between post 9/11 New York and the Day after tomorrow. Imagine, no phones, computers, lights, heat, my god no telly! what would we do? How would we communicate?

Why do we not use Morse Code anymore? I do know were not all going to be at sea and caught having to use Morse code as an SOS light signal but really why? It was used until 1999 and was the official maritime communication system. After that the Global Distress Safety System was introduced.

There could be a time when we don’t have the facilities or capabilities to use electronic communication systems, so Morse Code should and would be really the only reliable way of transmitting messages.

I love my geeky gadgets and would be lost without my phone/twitter, these are really ways of communicating with the outside world. But if something happened and we couldn’t use these, how would we do?

I’m not sure if we would function very well. In a time when we all rely on governments and county councils to lead the way, if these structures and their ways of communicating fell what would happen? A few weeks ago a few inches of snow brought Dublin to a standstill but if push came to shove how many people would be able to return to an almost hunter/gatherer situation and actually fend for themselves. Get wood in, heat, food, make sure water don’t freeze.. im not sure we’d do so good.

I know that’s taking it to the extreme a little but  Morse Code shouldn’t be allowed to just die, unforgotten and unloved. It’s another language gone.

Morse Pic from Here
Seaman sending signals from Here