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What Kind of Blogger Am I ?

What Kind of Blogger Am I - nessymon

Over the past while, I’ve joined a number of blogger groups on Facebook. To me, back when I started this little website, it was to be more of a place where I could share my college assignments, projects and things I was doing.

I’ve always enjoyed writing, I actually get really tensed up if I don’t write for a while. So, it’s something I have to do, for me.

As I got more into writing, the harder I found it to put myself into a niche. I like writing about music, about movies, about life, about technology. Why should I have to decide where I fit in?

I’ve always been a little uncomfortable with the term ‘blogger’. Yes, I keep a web blog of things I do but the term has become synonymous with, in my opinion, ridiculous terms, like digital influencer – someone who has a shed load of followers on a social media platform and people will then pay money to flaunt a product.

That’s not me, never will be. A forty something queer woman who likes radio, baseball, music, the work of Baz Luhrmann, a good saag paneer and kriek beer probably doesn’t have the audience that say, a food or fashion blogger will have. I just want to know if it comes in black and/or if there’s a veggie option.

Some of my writings I share on my little web log, others I don’t, like the short film scripts I’ve written or the children’s story I’m currently working on. While I may never have shed loads of views, tonnes of followers, this is my space on the internet. This is all mine, where I am the editor, I write (Talulah points out the mistakes). It’s for me.

Writing is the same as music. It’s easy to forget why we started it in the first place. I started because it was something I enjoyed, something I found relaxing and cathartic. Somewhere I was in control. That hasn’t changed. I’m never going to be able to keep up with major blog sites, that’s cool. This is for me, it’s my web blog, my release. If someone reads, if someone enjoys it, then that’s an added bonus.