What is Researchrr?

researchrr-logoHave to give this a mention, My good buddies Kev, Ivan and Barry are involved in Researchrr and sign up for Researchrr Beta is currently on going.

But what is Researchrr?

Researchrr is an exciting new online project which has just been put live. It is a web application to aid with project development and management. Textual research online will be even faster with this new application. Light research for essays, articles or blog posts are perfect use cases for researchrr.com

We found from experience that the current text-based content searching experience on the web, while satisfactory, could be greatly improved upon. In particular we noted how a user would have to go through at least three steps just to find a small piece of information. Firstly entering the query into the search engine. Next assessing the resulting links and opening them. Finally reading through each opened page for the

desired information.

At Researchrr we aim to reduce this process down to one single step. Visiting researchrr.com the user would enter a search query. After a short loading period (generally less than 20 seconds) the results page would contain an aggregation of what was deemed by our paragraph grading system to be “the best snippets” of information from around the web on that query from a variety of sources. And that’s just to begin.

Signed in users can then save what they deem the most useful “snippets” to their own project/essay file and annotate notes on them for future reference. Multiple users can also collaborate on the same project/essay file if it is a group assignment by “sharing” the project between them.

It is of course completely free to sign up to avail of the project features. We are live now so do please visit researchrr.com and see how much more efficient your online research could be.