What Are You Like?

This is a new one! For obvious reasons I’m not posting this at the time of writing.

I have a radio show on DCUfm, quite a successful radio show thanks. I put a lot of work into it and all in all since September last year, I’ve done about 100 live radio shows, not counting prerecords.

You know sometimes you get a feeling about people and you can’t quite put your finger on what it is? I got that about two months ago with this person, who agreed to be in a college project and after all the more their mugshot is seen the better for them right?

I was then asked if they could get all the footage.. Answer: No I might add I actually didn’t reply to this, so if you’re reading this now, no, you can’t have a free video.

Being a sucker, I had agreed to let this person come on my radio show, might I add that Clare McKenna from Spin, judge at the DCUMI Hybrids said she was stunned by the standard of the show, cheers Clare.

The show is this evening. I’m doing assignments so that is obviously my priority at the moment. I didn’t check my emails til now. There was an email from the person. The person is NOT an artist, rather a manager. This is from it ‘We also have a short question & answer sheet. it would be great if you could integrate it into an interview – so XXX can explain some background to his album.’

Two words: Feck Off – you’re not Tom Cruise or Axl Rose and secondly how dare you try to get me to ask the questions you want me to ask…

I’m writing this before the show.. you wanted an interview? You’re going to get the toughest.