Westlife Split!

westlifeFirst thing I did when I heard this was ring my sister who has all but one of Westlife‘s singles, her reaction ‘Oh!’. To be honest Westlife, even though I did see them live twice, were one step away from heading to the Daniel O’Donnell circuit and it was time to hang up their hats. But yes, I do think Mark is talented.

So it has been reported by The Sun that the band’s next tour, which follows the release of another Greatest Hits album, will be their last.

It’s not the first time the demise of the band has been reported. When Brian McFadden left to er, what did he do again?, the band did not split as expected but carried on regardless. Sniff! My ‘favourite’ Westlife song has to be ‘World of our Own’ but the ‘stand up for the keychange’ boys sucked the life completely out of it when the dreaded keychange came. Keychange comes at 2.35, so there’s your warning.