We’re Halfway There

Now that all our assignments and exams are done, it means that I’m half way through my degree.

The decision to return to education wasn’t one I made lightly but it was one that needed to be made.

I had been working for myself for a few years and technology being the way it is, I knew if I didn’t get myself a decent qualification, I’d be left behind and wouldn’t have a job.

At the end of all the decisions and queries, it came down to Multimedia in DCU or Media Arts in DIT.

DCU won. I got a place on a couple of different courses, including Communications in DCU but decided to go with the Multimedia option.

I’ve been going through some decent stuff and some stuff that seems a little ‘why are we doing this’.

I think the only reason that people return to college is because there are certain things you can’t teach yourself. How can you if you don’t know about them?

I was doing bits of web and some video before and sound is something I’ve always done. The manipulation of images and animation using flash is something that I’ve had to grasp but slowly but surely its getting there.

I never really thought that I’d get into radio to the extent I have. The One show with Jack last year I had, literally one show, rekindled the love.

DCUfm has given me the opportunity to take ideas and go for it, the result is the Culture Cafe.

So what’s for the next year and half? Dunno, a lot of work? I’m not sure what exactly I would like to do when I’m finished, film and video grabs me but with the love I have for radio again you never know.