Week one with my Android

htc-desire Last Friday my dear ole Blackberry went to phone heaven. So Saturday demanded that I get a new mobile communications device.

The HTC Desire was a phone I had been looking at. I liked the idea of open source and the range of apps that were available. Plus I didn’t really want to add to Steve Jobs’ wealth.

So I charged up the phone and had a sniff around. It was pretty instinctive to.use the operating system and as I use gmail as my primary email loved the ease of setting it up. I use Google calendar too so being able to sync the calendar on the phone and on the desktop simultaneously.

The phone came with apps for Twitter and Facebook. I decided though to use Seismic for Twitter and I updates the app for Facebook.

Other apps I downloaded were a couple of games, Air Control and a Baseball homerun game. All the apps I’ve downloaded so far have been free.

I’ve also downloaded Sports Mobile, an app that aggregates sports scores from different sports, MLB, NFL, F1, EPL results, golf, everything apart from GAA.  Loving it, it gives all the scores and start times in my timezone which is brilliant as a.Sfgiants fan.

Other apps I’ve got include a great notepad which provides options of how I want to share the finished thing. That was one thing that really bugged me about the blackberry. There wasn’t the amount of options. The WordPress app is really good so far has let me do everything I need.

The biggest thing really is getting used to the touch screen instead of a QWERTY keyboard. A few days of using it though and its grand. Just takes a little bit of messing round to figure out how hard or not.to touch the screen.

So one week on, I love the android and love the apps the potential the platform has.

Blackberry Rust in Peace. Long live the Android.