Website Woes

headacheAs you can see, all my content is gone from my website. To be honest, this is turning into a head banging table thumping time for me. My site got hacked at the end of April. After I finished my thesis I managed to get it up and running again and just last week got everything working as it should. Until Friday.

Some more nasty stuff showed up for some people, so at that point I tried with the help of Aidan from Goldenplec, (thanks a mill x) to figure out what was going on. Late Friday night, I took the decision with my hosting company to completely reset my account. This meant I had reload everything from scratch, which was OK as I had my backups.

However, my hosting company obviously changed something in the site settings and I cannot upload my old site backups, which is a complete pain in the a$$. If the company cannot rectify this in the next day or two, I will have no choice but to change hosting companies.

During the day today, I will re-upload the posts from last week so you can have a look if you like. Fingers crossed I will get this sorted in the next day or two.

If you’re a hosting company, give me hosting and I’ll give you an advert on my site!

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