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Greg Holden - Boys In The StreetIt’s almost a month since Ireland voted for marriage equality, becoming the first country in the world to do so by popular vote.

On a weekend, when happiness and being out and proud reigned, it was and still easy to forget those who don’t have the backing and support of loved ones.

The first step is always the hardest, telling friends and family, admitting who you really are. But, at the same time trying and hoping that these people will still see that you are you. You’re not solely defined by who you love.

It can be hard for families, especially parents, they all have hopes and dreams for us and no doubt worry about us. Besides wondering what the neighbours might think, they want life to be easy for us.They as we do want to be able to live our lives to the fullest, to the best of our abilities and not be hindered by who we love.

The new single from Greg Holden, Boys in the Street, beautifully captures the lifelong relationship between a father and his gay son. And while the song itself is a really beautiful musical piece, with touching lyrical content, backed with the sparse but intimate delivery of vocals and guitar, the video takes it to another level.

If you’re gay, you’ve probably had the coming out chat around the kitchen table, be it with your friends or family. This becomes the central focus of the video, with mannequins used in place of father and son figures.

While this may seem to dehumanise the story at first, it actually makes it a more universal symbol as no colour or race are represented. Its effects us all. Major kudos to the production company Steam Motion and Sound and Director, Brett Sullivan.

Boys in The Street is taken from the album, ‘Chase The Sun’, which was released by Warner Records. Greg Holden is originally from the UK, born in Scotland and grew up in England but has made New York his home. Fans of Sons of Anarchy (Hands up – me!) will know his song ‘The Lost Boy’ from the show

Boys in the Street is a beautiful combination of song and video goes beyond clever marketing. It makes you think, it makes you feel.