Washington Green: Daedalus EP Review

washington greenSometimes I wonder.. I’m going to start off by saying I really don’t know what to make of this. Washington Green is a pseudonym for some Irish Musician from, well Ireland, who has been involved in bands and that’s all I know.

So when I get an email please could you review, well ok, I try to review honestly. This though, I just don’t get. The titles of the tracks are names after Greek mythical figures and when the genre is electronica, I was expecting some sort of trancey dance a la Hyperborea (what happened them ?). What I got is something different. Completely.

‘Telemachus’ opens proceedings with an 8 bit vibe, ok, I see the artist was trying to work some sort of melody in but no, 45 seconds of this is too much. ‘Nestor’ and ‘Proteus’ follow. The later starts with what sounds like a heart machine beep.. there are layers of sounds but 3.40? It doesn’t progress in any way no movement, no thanks. ‘Nestor’ just sounds like Space Invaders with a bit of a beat.

I do try to listen to everything and give an objective view but when someone sends me a track called ‘Calypso’ which sounds like the infamous Chopsticks with a ghostly vocal and a few extra layers on top, I have to draw the line.

Dear Artist, If you want to get into Electronica, you need to do much much better. Either that or this is a piss take to see if I would give you a good review. What you’ve given me is what Kevin Flynn must have heard when he was trapped in a computer in the original Tron. Either that or it’s a Ross Geller tribute act.  Good job on using the pseudonym.