Washed Out: Within and Without Review

King of Chillwave, Ernest Greeen’s first full length album opens with ‘Eyes Be Closed’ and sets the tone for the rest of the album. Blissful, dreamlike, electronica with airy vocals and harmonies.

Hailing from Perry Georgia, Greene has previously released some singles and E.P.s but for his debut has teamed up with Ben Allen who has previously worked with Animal Collective and Gnarls Barkley. The result is quite simply, stunning. 

The album leads us to a totally sun-drenched sensual summer vibe and seems slightly more sophisicated than Greene’s Life of Leisure E.P. Swirly synth sounds and lethargic beats come together an envelop the listener.

‘Soft’ has an uptempo dance beat with a subtle melodic hook and reverbed vocals that wash over the track with delightful results. Amor Fati has enough of a bouncy infectious feel to make you keep coming back.

Overall the album sometimes feels like a favourite soundtrack album, that’s no bad thing. Occasionally echoes of The Chemical Brothers and Underworld can be heard in a retro futuristic way.

The album rises and falls, the sensual ‘Far Away’ starts with just a hi hat and very subtle string sounds. The barely audible lyrics and phat bass ensapulate the vibe even when a more upbeat drum rhythm is introduced. The album grooves it’s way into your head, it’s impossible not to become enchanted with it.

The genre may have the weird silly name chillwave but that’s what it is. Totally chilled. Washed Out’s Within and Without has easily made it’s way into my top albums of the year so far. File Under: Essential