Von Shakes: The Routine Album Review

vonshakes cover

Von Shakes have been knocking around the Irish Music scene for a few years now, they released the single and title track from their debut album The Routine earlier this year.

The album starts with Deaf Emotion, a slow builder with a start stop pattern. The chorus/refrain has a great full sound that the rest of the track lacks a little. Pity.

Beat Up, Beat Down has a fuller sound and each verse tells a story of drug dealings, domestic abuse. This could be a potential future single, at just over 3 minutes is a good time for radio.

Jackit is the B -side to ‘The Routine’ single, an uptempo emo-ish track, not bad. Obsession and Shake are also worth a mention.

Standout tracks are the single ‘The Routine’, and the Artic Monkeys-esque ‘Mind Your Head’. It’s not a bad album, a good debut, just going on the first single’ The Routine’, this reviewer was hoping for a bit more umfph!

4.5 out of 6


This was written for MusicReviewUnsigned