Uncle Frank: Irresistible Me EP – Review


Let’s face it, side projects can be real fun. A little break away from your main musical outfit lets an artist spread their wings and reveal a side that we may not of known about. Frank Benbini is drummer with Fun Lovin’ Criminals and along with Naim Cortazzi and a band of merry-men make up Uncle Frank, a band who fuse hip hop lounge and funk influences.

The EP opens with ‘Irresistible You’, a slow smooth track with Benbini stepping out from behind his kit and taking over the mic. The track builds quite a vivid picture of a Sunday morning with a loved one and features some beautifully placed sound effects with brilliantly add to the vibe. Benbini’s vocals are backed by layers of harmonies and the track remains subtly subdued for great effect.

‘Desperate Town’ is an obvious stand out track and highlights Benbini’s vocals with an intense delivery to match the production of the song. Starting out with Benbini’s vocals, subtle keys and bass, ‘Desperate Town’ slowly builds to a understated refrain in contrast with the vocal performance of the verses. Terrific song.

The tempo is lifted and a little funk is added to proceedings with ‘Gravy Baby’. Given the talent involved in this project, including Boy Kid Cloud on Drums, it’s not surprising that the production is top notch. Clever string arrangements, the main vocal line backed with a female vocal and a easy relaxed rhythm make this memorable.

There’s always room for a bit of fun, and ‘Poonani’ does just that. It’s sexy and fun and just a little bit naughty, it kinda makes you want to get up and do some slow dirty dancing type stuff, or maybe that’s just me. Either way, it’s catchy as hell.

This is a really enjoyable EP and highlights the different sides of Uncle Frank really well. As the EP cover suggests, this is a smooth sexy bed of roses, with an added dash of fun. Check it out.