Twitter is twattered!

twitterSo Twitter is twattered! I have to say I feel completely lost. Some nice people try to invade our virtual world and we’re left stranded on our spacehoppers looking at the good guys trying to defend planet Twitter.

It was only yesterday that reports were swirling around that under 24s thought it wasn’t cool to be part of social media networks. I fit into the over 24 category.

Last week I deleted my Myspace and Bebo accounts. There’s not really any point in having more than Facebook and Twitter really.

MySpaceWhen Myspace came along, it was about how many ‘friends’ you had and how many page views you had. Now, it seems to me anyway, its more important to have a circle of contacts that you actually communicate with and interact with.

beboI’m still surprised at how many bands still use Myspace. For the under 24s, no actually under 18s, Bebo and Myspace provide a good way of keeping in touch with the kids. Is it because it’s free? The nice people here at wordpress provide a decent free blogging world.

Myspace provides facilities for blogging, friend updates, photos but I think the biggest letdown has been that while you can customise your page, you still really are stuck to ‘their’ format.

facebookSaying that while Facebook provides space for ‘what you’re doing’ and Twitter has brought that to a more simple 140 character micro blogging format more .com or ‘proper websites’ are taking a more blog like form. is a great example of this. While the website provides all the information it needs to, it gives members the ability to comment on each piece of information. So in reality has started its own social media network as their fans interact with each other here rather than on a Myspace, Facebook or other facility.

wordpress2I’m actually thinking of utilizing a blog form of website and transferring this blog to it. Searching through blogrolls it seems that while people are happy to use a blog form and allow others to directly comment on their content, they still like to have while being powered by WordPress.

It is completely coincidental that this blog is wordpress hosted and powered 🙂

I missed the news on Twitter today. It keeps me up to date with all the news headlines from The Guardian. (Speaking of which don’t let The Observer close – check my page on web effecting newspapers).

So while there was no twitter today a number of things cropped up that I would have mentioned:

Nice guy asked if I needed help with shopping and my on crutches. First in 12 weeks

HHMM! Martina McBride playing tonight in Citywest hotel last time I saw her in the Point with Garth Brooks

Facebook isn’t as spontanious is it?

Go Giants Good win last night! #mlb #sfgiants

Hopefully it will be back tomorrow

…nessy out