Twelve Days of Films

Scott PilgrimSeeing as its the twelfth day of Christmas, I thought I’d do a quick recap/review on what movies I watched over the Festive season.

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

Loved it. Directed by Edgar Wright, this movie beautiful incorporates the vibe of the comic book with fantastic graphics and editing. Michael Cera plays the lead role in which Scott Pilgrim must defeat Romona’s seven evil exes in order to win her heart. Aw Shucks! Some great laughs, great fights (loved the vegan one) and a brilliant soundtrack. Score!


This is another quirky little tale from Jean-Pierre Jeunet, the man that brought us Delicatessen and Amélie. This tells the story of Bazil (Dany Boon), a video shop worker who gets hit in the head with a stray bullet. Once back on his feet, Bazil finds himself homeless and is adopted by a group of people living in a junkyard. Together, they scheme and plot to bring down two of the biggest weapons companies. Mix their plans with the eccentric folk of junkyard, a human cannonball, a contortionist, a measurement genius and a robot maker and there’s lots of laughs.

Beautiful colours and vibe, another imagery filled  cracker from Jeunet.


Yes, the original 1982 one. I wanted to see this before I see Tron Legacy. In 1982 this may have caused a WOW! with their little visual effects but I can now make better 3D images in Cinema 4D without even trying. Now, they look jaded and awful to be honest.

Storywise, sucked into a computer by a laser, Flynn (Jeff Bridges) has to try to get out with the help of a security programme, Tron. Whoever came up with this, however futuristic it may have seemed at the time, must have been smoking the wackybacky. Awful, Can’t believe I actually managed to stick it out to the end..


This is time I will never, ever get back. The movie has a decent enough cast with Matt Dillon, Paul Walker, and Hayden Christensen but I don’t know how they got them with the dreadful quality of the script.  Rappers Chris Brown And T.I. also ‘star’ but that’s hardly surprising seeing as they produced the movie.

The movie follows a bunch of thieves who are convinced to do a quick heist by an ex colleague who’s only out of the slammer. No, I wouldn’t go near it either. We see the Motley Crew (not to be confused with Mötley Crüe) limp their way through a weak script into the inevitable.

That’s some of the films I watched, I also rewatched a good few including:

Two Days in Paris: Written and Directed by Julie Delphy, this is a tale about a New York based couple who spend two days in the girl’s hometwon of Paris. Her slightly paranoid American boyfriend freaks out because she is still friends with her exs. And there are a few.  Julie Delphy’s Dad (in real life too) is a treat in this.

Tell No One: A Doctor gets an email from his wife who ‘died’ eight years previously. Thriller with a twist in the tale.Worth a watch.

The Bourne Trilogy: The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy, The Bourne Ultimatum There’s only one way to watch these.. One after the other. Action all the way, even at the start when you don’t know what or who Jason Bourne is, Matt Damon has done a good job at portraying him so we only sympathise.