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Tune of the Week // The Naked and Famous – Higher

The Naked and Famous - nessymon

Higher from The Naked and Famous is this week’s Tune of the Week

I genuinely miss The Naked and Famous when they’re not around. Their debut, ‘Passive Me, Aggressive You’, became the soundtrack to my 2011 after I reviewed their Button Factory gig for Goldenplec.

It was such a good album and many of tracks found themselves synced (the term when a track from an album gets put on the telly or in a film) across everything from Cabin in The Woods to Made in Chelsea. The follow up album, ‘In Rolling Waves’, featured ‘Hearts Like Ours’, another cracker, but didn’t seem to have the same impact.

Somewhat Damaged – Doing it for themselves

Well, they’re back and on their own terms by the looks of it. New Zealand’s finest are now living in Los Angeles and will be releasing their third album, ‘Simple Forms’, on October 14th.

Three years isn’t a huge amount of time to get an album together but when you realise that The Naked and Famous are releasing this on their own label, ‘Somewhat Damaged’ and being distributed by Kobalt Label Services, it shows that the guys have their heads screwed on and getting down to business.

Kobalt are a company that independent artists can use to get their music out there without having to have the powerhouse weight of a major label behind them. They make sure that the tracks are on iTunes, can help with marketing, all the business stuff.

Anyway, ‘Higher’ is the current single from The Naked and Famous, they really do have their own sound and Alisa Xayalith’s vocals contribute a big part to it. Electronica with a band sound and rousing chorus refrains you can sing at the top of your lungs? That will do nicely, thanks!

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