Tune of the Week // Shura – Indecision


I love music, I really do, it’s always been the driving force in me really. A few years ago, my mum got some old 8mm home movies transferred onto VHS and there’s me, aged 2/3, singing into a long stick I had stuck into the ground for a microphone.

But sometimes, just very occasionally, with the amount of music I get sent and listen to for the blog and radio show, it can all become a blur, a bit fuzzy around the edges and something needs to come along to clear it all up.

Shura‘s Indecision came along and knocked my socks off! A combination of a layers of synths, samples and what seems an old school Madonna ‘Holiday’ sound grab you before Shura even utters a note. The music nut in me loves the production on this track, is the vocal double tracked or is it just reverb? The oh so subtle guitar that you don’t even realize is there, the panning of the rhythmic lines and the clever little clap additions that add to the overall sound. Yeah, I love this track.

It deserves its place quiet rightly as Tune of the Week. I can’t wait to hear more.