Tune of the Week // Session Motts – Plundered Past

Session Motts - Tune of the week - photo: Eoin Higgins

Session Motts - Tune of the week - photo: Eoin HigginsIt’s quite easy to get caught up in the rat race of London and miss out on stuff. Even though this Session Motts’ track has been around a little while now, I first got the chance to listen to it on Spotify as it had been added to a playlist I follow.

Tune of the Week // Session Motts – Plundered Past

Blow me down with a feather, it’s bloody great! I love Keeley’s wistful vocals, I love the guitars, I love the synthy bass line.

Plundered Past is the second release from Dublin’s Session Motts and the follow up to Chip Shop Fights, which was released earlier this year.

The trio comprise of Keeley Moss and Ingmar808 who have been joined by Daniel Kane. I also love how they have given themselves job titles within the band. Keeley is Session Motts Director of Communications & Social Media. Daniel is Lead Ambience Designer & Head of Logistics. Ingmar808 has been given the title of CEO & Head of Production. Quite rightly too, he’s got a not too shabby CV when it comes to mixing and producing, having recorded Julian Cope, Sly and Robbie, Suede and Pulp and mixing Bob Marley and U2. Sorry, I have to read that line again, I thought it said Bob Marley and U2.

Inga-Maria Hauser – The Keeley Chronicles

Plundered Past is ‘Dedicated with so much love and respect to the memory of Inga-Maria Hauser and her family. Never forgotten’

Inga-Maria Hauser was a German backpacker who was murdered in Northern Ireland in 1998, however the crime is still unsolved. Not content with being on vocal and guitar duties in the band, Keeley Moss has turned detective on her blog, dedicated to the mystery. Check out https://www.thekeeleychronicles.wordpress.com to read Girl, Interrupted: The Untold Story of Inga-Maria Hauser.

Plundered Past is a retro modern electronic indie showgaze marvel. Can’t wait to hear more.

Find out more about Session Motts

You can find out more about Session Motts at their website, Facebook and Twitter

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