Tune of the Week: Scarlette Fever – 6ft Woman (Jason Nevins Club Mix)

I’ve been listening to a lot of dance music lately. I think it stems from me buying my godson a 3 disc Ibiza compilation which manages to wake me up at 7am on the way to work. Since then, he has been sending me demos of people he has found asking me what I think of them, including a 15year old producer who is a year below him in secondary school.

Anyway, that leads me on to Scarlette Fever who had a #2 Billboard Dance Hit with ‘PS I Hate You’. Scarlette has been in the studio working with Paul Simm, who also worked on Nenah Cherry’s album from earlier this year (bit of a gem that one). So, now there’s an EP out on Starfisch Records called The Fever Rides Again, which features remixes of PS I Hate you by Georgie Porgie and Tod Miner. There’s also a remix of 6FT Woman from Haji and Sheldon but my favourite track from the EP is the Jason Nevins Club Mix of 6ft Woman.

Yes, this is a huge summery ‘dance your ass off’ track. It might be October but I’m not letting go of the Summer. That’s why the Jason Nevins Club Mix is my Tune of The Week.

What I do think is really interesting is how different the remixes are from Scarlette Fever’s original non remixed music. I’m looking forward to hearing more of that.

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