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Tune of the Week // Panda Cult – Blue Angel

I’ve been trying to work out what a Panda Cult looks like. Is it a tribe of pandas who all live together inside an enclosed compound? (Is that a zoo?) Is it a whole bunch of pandas who dance to 80s music under the full moon? Going on this release from the newest Merseyside quartet, they may be heavily influenced by the 1980s but have their feet firmly stuck in 2017.

Blue Angel is a one of those three minute wonders, it’s fresh but familiar, perfectly formed with a seriously funky guitar line and is a classic summer track. The track’s vocal refrain of ‘Baby come back to me’ is echoed in the guitar line making it all more memorable. Production on the track is divinely understated but beautifully rounded. It may take a few listens but once ‘Blue Angel’ gets under your skin, it will stick in your head all day. Indie pop delightfulness.

Verdict: Please sir, can I have some more?

You can find out more about the band on their Facebook page and on Twitter.

Listen to Blue Angel

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